Heda The Table

Heda The Table: Tablescapes in Wilmington, NC

It all started with a few wooden napkin rings.

With her husband in the military, Heda Waldrep and her family moved to cities all over the world but as you can guess, settling into new homes had its challenges. She noticed that family dinners were the one constant they could rely on, so the dinner table became an important place to make her family feel at home. 

“At the dinner table, we came together as a family and talk about new adventures, worries, and solved problems. I wanted to create a comfortable space for my girls to feel free to express themselves no matter where we lived. Plus, it was just fun to sit around and eat a good meal.” 

Adding A Personal Touch

For a personal touch, Heda added cloth napkins and individual napkin holders for each person to use. Hand carved wooden animals (a cow, a pig, a gold duck, and rooster) and colorful cloth napkins were placed at each setting to add a playful touch. 

As the family traveled to foreign countries and towns stateside, she collected pieces here and there as a reminder of the different regions they call home. Keepsakes such as antique dishware, linens, and pottery were included in table settings to liven up a meal.“It was a small way for me to make each gathering more intimate and special.” 

Table Styling For Businesses and For You

This came in handy when her husband Doug, an Army officer at the time, would call with last minute requests to entertain colleagues and their wives after work. With a passion for creating memorable meals, impromptu entertaining was a welcomed challenge. 

With each get together, table settings became more elaborate and enjoyable to create. The once small dinner parties grew to include eighty to one hundred guests, turning the Waldrep’s private home into an annual holiday event. 

As a Wilmington, NC resident for over ten years, Heda’s friends took notice and wanted help to create special tablescapes for dinner parties, cocktail parties, bridal showers, and other events. Local businesses started calling with needs for tablescapes in Wilmington, too. 

With a growing demand for her unique way to customize an intimate setting in any environment, Heda The Table was born.